Alumnus testimonial

Maaike - Trainee

Maaike works at Rijkswaterstaat as a trainee. Trainees work 3 times for half a year at various locations of Rijkswaterstaat, so as to see many aspects of the organization in a short period of time.

I get a lot of opportunities and I'm regarded as a full-fledged employee.

What was your first trainee location?

"First, I worked for half a year at the Regional Office in Utrecht. The Regional Office is in control of the management and construction of highways and waterways in the province of Utrecht. I was positioned at the Department of Planning and Advice and engaged myself in the warranty process."

What is the warranty process and what is your role in it?

"If a contractor for Rijkswaterstaat constructs a road, he will give a warranty for it. This works in much the same way as with buying a TV or refrigerator: when something breaks within the warranty period, one has the right to have it fixed ​​by the manufacturer (in this case the contractor) at his expense. The warranty process includes the steps one takes to invoke the warranty and to have the damage repaired by the contractor. The steps in this process were not all carried out properly. What I examined, is who is responsible for these steps within Rijkswaterstaat and where this process could be improved."

What is your next step as trainee? Do you enjoy it?

"At the moment I am working at my second place: the Maritime Centre of Rijkswaterstaat. The department where I work is concerned with operational tasks in waters of Rijkswaterstaat. It includes the staff who operate the sluices and patrol ships. The traineeship pleases me very well."

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