The transition from UCT to Wageningen was easy

Molecular Life Sciences and Bioinformatics student
Previous education: University College Twente

Previous education

I have a bachelor's degree from University College Twente at the University of Twente (UCT). During this bachelor I mainly followed courses in biochemistry and biomedical technology. During a semester in Sweden I was also taught bioinformatics, which I found very interesting. For my master I wanted to continue with biochemistry, and if possible also combined with bio-informatics. Both studies were offered in Wageningen, and during the open day I already noticed that the university is very similar to what I was used to in Enschede. For example, there is a focus on small-scale education, and there is a lot of freedom in the choice of subjects. That's why I started here a year ago with a double master's degree in molecular life sciences and bioinformatics.


The first few weeks I had to get used to the transition from the UCT community to the lecture halls in Wageningen, where I didn't know many people yet. Fortunately, this soon changed, and the transition from UCT to Wageningen was easy. I had enough prior knowledge for both masters, so I didn't have to follow a transition programme. For some subjects I do lack some prior knowledge. However, I am used to a high learning pace and independence in learning thanks to UCT. In addition, I notice that I have more experience in other areas and that the subjects are interesting, which has made things go well for me so far.


I am now in the second year of my master's programme, and hope to finish my final courses in March. Then I want to start with the first of the two theses I have to write. I am therefore looking at the possibilities of doing a thesis on molecular life sciences in a university hospital.