Hello every one!

My name is Andualem Belay Ali. I am a second year master’s student in WUR. I am from Ethiopia. Ethiopians are hospitable, beautiful, spiritual and culturally diverse. The country is endowed with both natural and cultural tourist attraction sites. Despite it is known for long as poverty stricken area, the current progress and development of the country is encouraging. Although good facilities and services are available for visitors in the major cities, internet is inaccessible in most parts of the country.

My story begins with my impression on the best quality education provided in WUR. Before I joined WUR, I was a lecturer in teacher education institute in Ethiopia. Hence, I had some experiences of teaching and learning processes. But it is here in Wageningen, as a student, I have realized the real sense of practice, integration, cooperation and competence in higher education. And so, I am feeling lucky for joining the WUR and I wish my friends would have also this opportunity. I can say the frequently raised topic during my discussion with my colleagues is quality of education in WUR. This inspired me to inform others about WUR and in the mean time I have got the chance from “wurldexplorers” to be a WUR ambassador and explorer during my stay in Ethiopia for the coming three months. This encourages me more to explore more attraction sites; tell more about WUR;  post and share impressive stories and experiences. You can follow me @andualemali.