The joy of the jungle I

Finally, my first camp expedition! Adventurers and explorers, like Darwin, Wallace and Livingstone pop up in my mind while I’m walking deeper into the forest. Discovering the unknown, braving all kind of dangers, exploring new ground. I already see myself, standing heroically on the top of a mountain, my gaze fixed on the horizon. The image of a true explorer.

Before I tell you more about this adventure, let me first present you our Dutch Team: Jurian, a tall guy, always happy and talkative (I will spend most of my time in Madagascar with him); Jeroen, the Indiana Jones among us, relaxed and always in for a beer or two, you can’t miss his ginger head (covered by an explorer hat) among the vegetation; Nathalie, very elegant and gentle, but don’t underestimate her strength, she will go for what she wants; Wessel, he is the attentive, careful guy, the first one on your bedside when you are sick, ready to hold the puke-bucket. As last of the Dutch team; Iris, our supervisor but much more than that, an energy bomb, pop-corn addict, always happy and enthusiastic, bringing joy and motivation  in the group and able to persevere as no one. We will be together for the coming three weeks, where after I will leave with Jurian to discover other parts of Madagascar. However The Dutch Team would be nothing without our loyal Malagasy guides. The personal guide of me and Jurian in Ranomofana, is Jocelyn, a 25years old Malagasy. He speaks a bit French, a bit English and laughs really easily. Together we form a good team!