Roadtrip and Danish lessons

With the weather improving, the right time has also come to travel a bit within Denmark. Except for some daytrips I didn’t really do any travelling until last week (end of May). With four other internationals (a German, two Austrians and Swiss) we rented a car and drove through Denmark for 4 days.

We really chose the right moment, because all the fields with rape seed were flowering beautifully. From Copenhagen we drove to Svendborg, a little town in the south of Fyn. Fyn in the island in-between Jylland and Sjælland (the island on which Copenhagen is located). From there we went all the way up north to Klitmøller in Jylland. This is a tiny town with only 800 inhabitants, but it is known as Cold Hawai. It has this name because windsurfing conditions are said to be really good and even the World Championships Windsurfing are organised there. From Klitmøller we went to Skagen. This is the most north point of Denmark and also the place where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. This is nice to see, because you can really see the two different seas clashing together. On the last day of our trip we visited Aarhus and went back to Sjaelland by ferry. All in all we saw a lot of Denmark’s countryside and its beautiful sights, scarcity of highways, and beautiful dunes and beaches.

In the begin of April I started with Danish lessons at Københavns Sprogcenter. It is nice to learn some of the basics and to be able to understand the cashiers in the supermarket. I’m in a class with other foreigners, but most of them are in Denmark for a longer time than me. They are surprised that I’m taking lessons even though I’m in Denmark for such a small period of time. For me, it just feels good to be able to speak some Danish. I would feel ashamed to come back to Holland not speaking any Danish!