Spring time

Time has been flying! It’s almost June and I’ve already been here for 4 months now; that means that I have only 1 month left. Luckily I’ve got something to look forward to at the end of that month: Roskilde festival! We’ll be going there with a group of internationals so it will be the perfect ending of a great semester abroad. Last months were busy with visits from my parents and a friend, lots of activities, meeting new people, learning some Danish, and of course studying.

Spring time has definitely arrived here in Denmark. Of course some weeks are better than others, but we’ve had some sunny days in the park and at the lakes. I wrote in an earlier story that people say that Danes go outside as soon as the littlest spark of sunshine shows itself…. and now I’ve seen that is true! The Danes gather around the lakes (see the picture) and drink some beer. If it is a really sunny day, every single spot alongside the water and the bridges is taken. This is really something I’m going to miss about Copenhagen. The lakes, the botanical garden, and the many other parks are perfect for a day of relaxing.

Sadly, spring time also means the start of a new block at the university. The first block of 2 courses ended in the beginning of April and luckily I can say that I passed those courses. After exams, we had a great week of no classes and no studying. In the current block, I take the courses Development Economics and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Both interesting courses, but also hard work. I feel that I have to do a lot of studying compared to some other international students. At KU (Københavns Universitet) international students can take special Culture Courses. Examples are Danish Film and Danish Architecture. Compared to the ‘normal’ courses at the university, these courses have a much lower workload (and no exams, just a small paper in the end). Of course I would have liked to have those easy courses, but at least I really learn something in my courses.

Vi ses!