The Danes and Denmark

I'm now here in København for almost three weeks and it really feels like I have been here for months. After this time I've spent here, I can tell you a bit about the Danes.

One thing that everybody says about the Danes is really true. They all speak English! Although you can manage well here in Copenhagen without speaking Danish, it will help you to feel part of Danish society. The Danes appreciate it if you ask them something in Danish instead of English. Therefore, I am going to take Danish lessons. Everyone moving to Denmark has the right to three years of free Danish language courses. Reading Danish isn't even that hard if you already speak Dutch or German, but it is the pronunciation that makes it so difficult. I feel like Danes just randomly choose letters from a word that they pronounce, and just let the rest of the letters be what they are. On the other hand, Dutch names are very difficult for the Danes to pronounce. In class I had to repeat my name almost 20 times and still no one really understood it. My name is not that hard, right? 

Another thing that the Danes are famous for (and the Dutch too!), is talking/complaining about the weather. During the weeks that I have been here, most of the time the sky was filled with clouds and the first week a piece of blue sky was only rarely seen. However, there were also days during which everything was covered under a beautiful layer of fresh snow, and other days the sky was completely blue and the sun was shining like it was already spring. Everybody who is already in Copenhagen for a longer time, says that from the moment spring sets in and the temperature starts to rise and the sun starts to shine, everyone goes out in T-shirts and pretends that it is already summer. I'm really looking forward to springtime, as everything looks more beautiful when the sun shines!