Arrival in Brno

On Monday evening I took the bus from Utrecht to Brno. After fourteen hours traveling by bus I was glad to be at the central station of Brno. The next challenge was to buy a tram ticket. I found out that a lot of Czech people are not able to fluently speak English so it was hard to express myself. Finally I managed to buy a tram ticket which was valid for one hour. I jumped on a tram, according to the description I’ve found on the internet. I thought this was a description which pointed out how to get to the Jan Amos Komenský Hall of residence. It turned out to be a misconception: when I got off the tram I figured out that I was standing at the other side of the city than I was supposed to be!

After asking a friendly guy who looked up the right tram-connection, I was travelling at the right direction. I arrived two hours later than I planned. I had to register and a woman gave me the key of my room, together with bed sheets. She told me how to get to my room, at the highest floor of the building. I asked her when my roommates would arrive and who they were. She told me  that they – a Czech girl and a girl from Hungary – would probably arrive in two weeks, so for the moment I am on my own.