Ice Hockey

Last Friday I went to an ice hockey game, together with a group of Erasmus-people. This sport is practised widely over the country and the Czech Republic has one of the best nation-playing teams in the world. The ice hockey club of Brno is named 'Kometa Brno' and is one of the best of the country. This time the club was playing a game against 'Sparta Praha' in the stadion of Brno. This rival is really their biggest rival. When we were going to the stadion we took the tram and the bus which were filled with Kometa fans. So we knew we were in the right bus and tram. To recognize Kometa fans is easy since they all wore their blue-white striped Kometa scarf.

When we arrived at the stadion it was very crowded. We walked to our standing-places and had a nice view over the playground. First the mascots of Kometa were skating over the ice: two polarbears with a flag. When the players of Praha entered the ice everybody was whistling and shouting, it was not very sportive. When the Kometa players entered the stadion everybody was clapping. The game ice-hockey is a rough one with a lot of thrashing. The match was already decided after the first part of the game and after 3 times 20 minutes of playing time with two breaks of 20 minutes the score was 1-7 in favour if Praha. After the game everybody was leaving as quickly as possible and even during the game people, who lost the faith in their club, went home.

To see the ice hockey match was a special experience and I'll go certainly another time. The atmosphere was great and I liked it when the fans were waving with their scarfs while they were singing. Hopefully Kometa Brno has more luck the next time.