Imitation of "Battle of the three Emperors"

A famous battle which took place in the surroundings of Brno is the Battle of Austerlitz, or maybe more well known under the name Battle of the three Emperors. This struggle was fought on December the 2nd in the year 1805 during the war of the third coalition. The French army won and defeated the Russo-Austrian army. Although the French were fighting with 75.000 men against 90.000 men, they won.

Austerlitz today is called Slavkov u Brna and is situated at 20 kilometres from Brno. To get to the 'battlefield' I could get a ride, together with two Spanish people, from a Czech friend who wanted to visit this with his dad. It was a cold, very cold day so I put on a lot of clothes and was wearing my ski-jacket. When we arrived a lot of cars were already parked along the road and people were coming from all directions. We parked the car and we walked our way to the event. When we entered the field, we bought some nice hot drinks in a tent and stayed there for a while. When we came out of the tent it was still freezing, unfortunately. We gathered at the side of the battlefield in order to see both armies. In front of us was a French reporter talking in French about the battle of the three emperors. We could see a lot of people, dressed up in  19th-century clothes. Some of them were driving horses, others were holding rifles and moving cannons. The fight started with an enormous sound of the cannons and the rifles, it was really loud and caused a lot of smoke. Sometimes the armies attacked each other and men on horses were crossing the field. There were also some doctors, with a white apron covered in blood. Actually the doctors looked more like butchers.

A lot of people were interested in this event so it was quite busy. I'm lucky to be tall so I could overlook everything pretty well. It was nice to watch but we didn't saw the end. It was too cold and freezing to stand still for a long time so we went home before the battle was ended. Still it was a good experience and now I can better realize how it was to be part of a battle two hundred years ago.