In exactly a week I’ll leave by bus for Brno, Czech Republic. The next day I arrive at the Mendel University where I’ll follow courses which focus at the climate and the environment.

Currently I study International Development studies. I picked those courses at Mendel University because I’m interested in the climate and, from my point of view, in my study there is not sufficient information about this topic.

I’m going to live at the hall of residence for international students. The rent of my room isn’t high at all but I’ll sleep on a room with one or two others, a whole new experience for me.

The study year will start at the end of September. The week before the start, there is an orientation week for international students in which I’ll participate as well. I think it’s a good opportunity to get to know other students and the city itself.

I’m really looking forward to my adventure in Czech Republic and I would like to learn a little of the Czech language. In addition I think I’ll visit other places around Brno and hopefully neighbour countries. I will definitely taste the Czech kitchen and get to know the Czech culture. I think I’ll learn a lot the next coming six months during the lectures but during my spare time  as well, I’m curious!