Orientation week

An orientation week was organised by the Mendelova University to let the students experience the city and to give them the opportunity to get to know other Erasmus students. This week was not obligatory but it is recommended to participate. At the start of the week you get information about practical stuff, like how does the information system of the university works etc. After that your buddies show you the university and you can ask them everything which is unclear to you. It was also possible to buy a SIM-card during the orientation week and a lot of students bought this card because the university had a special, profitable deal with a telephone company.

During the week we made trips to a castle, caves and a brewery. At night-time most of the students were in the city centre, checking out all the pubs and bars. Once there was a party organized, the so called flag-party. People from the different nationalities were asked to represent their country by bringing their flag or painting it on their face. The orientation week also offered the opportunity to learn something about the Czech language. I attended all the three classes and although I've never found it so difficult to learn a language, it was fun. I learned basic words, which are useful.
The orientation week was an exhausting one, but very useful to get to know other students, the city and the university.