The last weeks

The last weeks of my Erasmus, after new year and Christmas when everybody had returned, were good weeks. It was a busy period because I had three weeks of classes and also four exams during that period. It was also a period that I slowly had to say goodbye to the ones who were leaving and to the places in Brno which I value the most.

Almost every day there was a goodbye party of one of the Erasmus students. We as a group of friends also organized a special surprise dinner for our 'mommy and daddy' in order to thank them. They were always willing to help us and organized things for us so this was the least we could do for them. We prepared everything in one of our rooms. On beforehand, we tried to figure out what their favourite food was. We only succeeded to found out about our daddy's favourite food, which was a typical Czech dish. We decided to buy this for our mommy as well, since she's also a big fan of Czech food. It was nice to surprise them and we had a nice dinner together.

During the few days before I had to leave, I couldn't really realize that I was about to leave. In the beginning of your Erasmus period you think you've plenty of time, but time flies when you're having fun. It was really weird to say goodbye to the persons with whom you've spend the last five months. They have become dear friends and I really hope to see them in the future! We already planned a reunion in Finland next summer, so I can't wait to see them again and spend some time together. I'll never forget them and all the memories I've got from this awesome stay abroad. It was definitely worth it!