Hello everyone,

My name is Carien Meppelink. I'm following the Master Applied Communication Sciences with the specialisation Strategic Communication in Innovation. Before starting my master I did a bachelor in Biology. The next semester I will be studying in Finland, at the university of Jyväskylä.  Why? I would like to broaden my background in communication before starting my internship and thesis. Besides that, I always had the desire to study abroad and travel. I had in mind to go to the northern part of Europe, since there is a good connection between the WUR and the university of Jyväskylä when it is about communication, eventually I chose to go to Finland. Hopefully I can follow some courses in communication and education and maybe even psychology or philosophy.  I am curious about how the university system works.

Next to studying I’m wondering how the people are and how the nature looks like over there. I will be part of a friendship family program, which includes that exchange students get kind of a host family which they can visit and with whom they can do nice things together, to explore the culture from inside out. There are also organised trips to Rusland as well as Lapland, I hope I will be able to participate and discover these areas too. These opportunities give me the chance to discover Finland and its surroundings.

All in all:
I am really looking forward to my exchange period, discovering a new culture, new people and new knowledge.