All good things come to an end

Finally comes to the end of my excursion. One year away from Wageningen and now it is time to go back. Yes, I am happy to announce here that I will continue with a PhD study in Wageningen later this year.

Besides the excitement from the unknown future, I can’t control my sadness about leaving those warm people and this beautiful country. It is so lucky to get this chance doing an internship in Switzerland and learn new techniques in the same time. Here, I got the chance to try ski, hiking and spent some weekend adventuring in the forest. Also here, I tasted chess fondue, ate so much chocolate and smelt a little bit ‘baby poo’ now and then, lol. The long I stay, the harder to leave. C’est la vie, all good things must come to an end. I will restart in Wageningen where everything stopped last year, isn’t a good sign for another remarkable and happy ever experience?