Barcelona and Biology

One of my best friends regards Barcelona as the most worthy visiting city in the world. Well, no offense, but I partly agree with her. Such a pleasant week I spent there. There are always endless attractive things you could do here.

Enjoy the sunshine on the beach, window shopping in La Rambla, tasting the endless delicious food, watch Flamenco dance, and of course visit all the interesting buildings created  by  Antoni Gaudi. Park Guell is a good place wait for sunrise, Casa Batlló is an exotic but comfort designed residence, La Sagrada Familia is absolutely must go (forgive me that I don’t really have proper words to conclude it). This magnificent structure is still under construction but the appearance right now is already breath taking. Everybody should admit that Gaudi is a total genius whose talent is shown in every brick and corner of the building. And if you are curious about where were I on the photo, I was sitting inside the Nativity Façade of La Sagrada Familia and having a little glimpse into the life. As a ‘biologist’, I should tell you the stairs looks very similar with DNA structure from this angle.