Enjoying Geneva

Geneva Lake, also known as Le Léman in French, is the one of the largest lakes in Western Europe .The place I live, Launanne is situated on the shores of it thus I have the chance to enjoy the lake from different aspects very often.

Vevey is a beautiful small town near Lausanne and the headquarter of Nestle is also located here. On the way to Vevey, you could not only enjoy the view of the lake in sunshine but also the mountains which are filled with wine-growing farms on the other side. The folk in the picture is the new symbol of this small town and stands outside of the Alimentarium Museum. This museum explains you every detail of the food. It is said the fork fell from the dining-table of the god.

In the afternoon, we also visit the thousand-year-old Chillon Castle. Following the audio guide, visiting around every room in the castle, I was back to the in the history to the times of the Dukes of Savoy. An exhibition of the portraits of famous writers’ ghost make the atmosphere a little bit gloomy. However, went out of the castle, I was finally embraced by the warm sunshine and back to real life again!