My name is Deng Ying, a master student of Biotechnology in WUR, specialised in food biotechnology. I come from China and it is my second year already. Luckily, I got the chance to go abroad and start my internship in Switzerland.

I still remember the first day that I came to Wageningen. So excited and curious. There is so much to learn and almost everything was new for me. The introduction week (AID) which is organized by one association together with the university was such an eye opener for me. This year, I am even a mentor for AID with my cute 9 kids. I am so honored and glad that I could be the one who guide the new people and tell them more about life in Wageningen this year. We spend a wonderful week together. Meeting new people, partying together, having a tour around the city, leaving our footprint in every corner of the campus. Now the AID week is almost done and my vacation is also coming to an end also. Time to start my journey in Switzerland!