The Matterhorn

The only thing you couldn’t miss in Switzerland, besides cheese fondue of course, are the snowy mountains. Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland and it is famous for its beautiful but steep summit (4478m). As the border between Switzerland and Italy, Matterhorn attracted countless explorers and climbers every year.

We took the train for more than three hours and finally arrived the town at the foot of the mountain- Zermatt. Full of typical Swiss style cottages, the town has the most beautiful view of the Alps. The peak is so clear with the sunshine and after took a small gear train, we up to the hillside where the observation deck locates. It is breath-taking indeed, as I actually felt difficulty in breathing after a quick run. ;)

It is well-known that Matterhorn is the symbol of the famous Swiss chocolate-Toblerone. But when you eat Toblerone next time, try hard to find something else in the symbol. The hint is cute. Haha!