Last week, I got the chance to visit Warsaw in Poland on behalf of WUR to join the EuroLeague of Life Science Student Conference. It is my first time to travel to East Europe and I am so excited to meet people from “half hometown”- Wageningen.

The conference is very stressful of course and I had a poster presentation there to show my master thesis. I am so honored that my former work was chosen to join; besides it is really a good opportunity to show myself and also have a look about what people are doing in other field. But you could always make some time for a city tour, right?

First of all, the city is really big! The life in Netherland makes me totally underestimate how far the place could be within two centimeters in the map. With a population of almost 2 million, the city is busy everywhere, which reminds me of China. Btw, the “Pierogi”-Polish dumpling here is always very similar to its Chinese relatives, except the filings- cheese, blueberry jam and even cream.  And secondly, the old town is so gorgeous. Warsaw rebuilt its downtown after the second war so the buildings here are so traditional and even more older-style than it was originally. It is full of small but cozy shops selling souvenirs, arts, snacks, traditional cousin and the famous amber. The mermaid with shield standing in the middle of the old town is still protecting her people which the visitor could never miss.