Let me start with introducing myself. My name is Ester, I am a twenty year old Health and Society student. In the upcoming four months I am going to study in the city of love: Paris. I am going to Paris for my Minor, I have chosen subjects that are not available in Wageningen. You could think of courses like: Cross Culture Barriers, Company Culture, Issues in Labour Economics, Growth Theory and International Business Ethics. Those are typical courses for Dauphine University, the University where you can find me the next couple of months. Dauphine is specialized in the “Organization and Decision Sciences”. Off course it is really nice that I have the opportunity to study various courses that are not available in Wageningen. But the adventure itself is perhaps as important to me. It is going to be a challenge to make myself clear to the French people because my French is not yet very impressive. Luckily for me, the courses themselves are taught in English. I am really curious how I will experience these upcoming months in the land of wine and baguette with brie. And I really hope that when I am back from my French adventure, my French language skills have improved considerably.