Moulin Rouge

Paris has many highlights, but one them is definitely the Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge is a theatre that gives shows every day. The Moulin Rouge is most known for the cancan dance where you can look under the skirts of the dancers.

This year the Moulin Rouge celebrates its 125th anniversary. My roommate in Paris is acquainted with one of the Moulin Rouge dancer and so we went together to see her and the show. The entrance is already really fancy, it’s all red with a huge chandelier. After we picked up our tickets a man in tuxedo escorted us to our table. The lounge is very big with many tables with red lights on it. We were shown our seats on the balcony where we had a splendid view at the stage. The waiter brought us a bottle of champagne and the show started. Both the show and the costumes they used were beautiful. They used a lot of feathers, diamonds and fairy lights. During the show, there were acrobats and comedians. There were people doing lifts on skates and horses. There even was a swimming pool with real snakes and during the main act, the dancers hovered over the audience. The Moulin Rouge show is so much more than barely dressed dancers.  For me it was really a once in a life time experience and I had an amazing night!