Studying in Paris

I went to Paris to study, so maybe it is nice to tell you something about the courses I am following and how things are organized at Dauphine University. For my minor I need to have 30 ETCS. The courses I am following to accomplish this are: Company Culture, Business Ethics, Cross Cultural Barriers, Climate Change Economics and Human Resource Management. These courses are a bit different from the courses I would normally follow in Wageningen, but that was to be expected at an University with an economical focus.

A nice element of these courses is that a lot of them also have a cultural aspect in them. Therefore, you can really make use of the different cultures of the various international participants of the class. Something that is less nice is the duration of a class. At Dauphine a class is 3 hours long, with a break after 1,5 hour. Quite a long time to focus, it took me a while to get used to it. Now I can handle it, but I prefer the duration of the classes in the Netherlands.

Food is important in France and lunch warm dishes are served. So during the lunch break a huge canteen opens at Dauphine where you can get a warm meal for only €3,20. You can choose different thing to eats. A meal can be burgers with fries, pizza’s, pasta or something more healthy with meat of fish. You can eat this with soup and desserts as well. A great deal, cause Paris is really expensive!

Lastly to mention, Dauphine also organizes trips. We went to Parc Astérix, the university gave us tickets to go. It was already Halloween in the theme park, so there was a haunted house as well. It was one of the last really hot days in Paris, so perfect to ride all the water rollercoasters and indeed that is what we did!