Going abroad: I'm doing it!

I am going to Copenhagen for half a year, to study for my minor and to have an amazing time. I am in my third year of my bachelor study Molecular Life Sciences. Even before I started this study, I knew I would be spending some time abroad in my bachelor. My sister has done it and now I will do it as well.

The decision for me to go to Copenhagen was very difficult. To decide where I wanted to go, I have focused on the available courses at multiple universities. My own study consists of a broad range of subjects, but I looked for those courses that were different, as well as in my field of study. I have found that at the University of Copenhagen. I am going to follow my courses in the field of study of inorganic chemistry.

I am also going abroad for the city and the people, not only for following courses. Of course, an experience like this would be incomplete without meeting new people and having a lot of fun. That is exactly what I plan on doing in Copenhagen. So I will be speaking a lot of English with Danish people, but also with other international students. Apart from the English, I hope to learn some Danish words too.

I already found a room in a very popular district, and it is close to the university. Thus, I am ready to go, and I am really looking forward to my stay in Copenhagen. 

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