Goodbye Copenhagen

After my fun trip to Stevns Klint, the end of my stay in Copenhagen was there. I only had a few days left to pack my stuff before I went back to the Netherlands. My transportation back to the Netherlands was very nice, because I didn’t have to go with a plain or train. My dad picked me up with the car. My sister went with him, to see the place where I lived for half a year. Everybody had to know, of course, where I lived during my stay and where I studied. For me, it was my last opportunity to go to the university and say goodbye.

Of course, it was really hard to pack all of my stuff. After half a year, all of my stuff exponentially increased without me knowing how it is possible. I did not buy that much. Luckily, everything fitted in the car, next to the four persons of course that had to go in the car. This resulted in me, being stuck in between all my stuff, on the way back. I also brought my bike from home when I went to Copenhagen. I was also able to bring it back with me, it didn’t get stolen or anything else drastic.

The way back to the Netherlands we drove over the bridge. It was definitely a beautiful way to leave my city behind and say goodbye. Of course, we saw a lot of Danish flags on the way back, and they were all waving goodbye to me. At least, that is how it feels.

I am back at Wageningen now. Everything is unpacked and ready to start the next period at the university. It feels a bit strange to be back, but also nice and familiar. I immediately had a nice dinner with my friends.

I am asked often how it feels to be back, what you learned from this experience and a lot more. It is definitely weird to be back, but I am not able to answer all those questions.