I started with an introduction, just like the AID, but then a bit different. It consisted mostly of a lot of technical stuff about the university, the site, the campus area, etcetera. But of course that did not mean we wouldn’t do anything fun. There was time to socialise and get to know other international students. There are a lot of people from Germany, the US, Australia and other places.

The nice thing was that there were also some talks about the culture in Denmark. For example, Danish people trust each other very well. The little farm shops at the side of the road trust that nothing will be stolen and that at the end of the day the right amount of money will be there. The only exception of the rule are probably the bicycles. An extra lock is definitely necessary. They also like the fact that everybody is equal. There will never be an employee of the month, because that means somebody is better and they don’t like that. It also means there is a relaxed atmosphere at the University and a good contact between the professor and the students.

The introduction ended with a Matriculation ceremony. It is a welcome speech of the rector of the University and a party afterwards. There is also the opportunity to shake the hand of the rector. It is symbolic for the start of your study period and also that you will abide by the rules of the University. The fun thing was, that everybody  wanted to shake the rectors hand. As soon as it was possible, people rushed forward, as if it was the greatest experience in your lifetime. Of course, I have shaken the hand of the rector myself.

Obviously I have also done a lot of sightseeing in the city. I have seen most of the mayor sights already in the city. After a few weeks, I have even seen the great little Mermaid. There are of course also a lot of other great things apart from the mayor sights. I have seen some great shops with Danish design and discovered nice little café’s. One more nice thing is that people really like fresh juices here, you can get them everywhere.