Last week in Copenhagen

The exams are done and afterwards I was free for a whole week. I had a week before I went back to the Netherlands. Of course, a lot of my friends left earlier. They had to leave their rooms, or needed to start classes immediately the next week. So, right after my exam I had a nice farewell diner in a restaurant with everybody.

During the week of I needed to arrange everything, like papers and packing. But I also took my time to visit al my favourite places one last time. A nice walk in the park across from my apartment, to the little bakery on the corner and have a drink in that very nice books café.

I did do something new in that week. Like I told before, I already went on a trip through Denmark. The trip mainly took place in the area Jutland. Copenhagen itself is located on Sealand. I haven’t been to the South of Sealand before. There were supposed to be very nice cliffs on South Sealand. So I took a day trip to the cliffs. The most beautiful cliffs are Mons Klint. Unfortunately that is a bit too far to travel in one day. So I went to the second most beautiful place, Stevns Klint. Sinds 2014, Stevns Klint is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is a really cool place to make a walk. I went there with my sister. We first took the train to Rødvig and from there walked along the coast.

Of course, the weather is not great during this time of year. But we were lucky and it stayed dry. We walked in the mud and battled against the wind. It was a great day. The cliffs are very impressive and beautiful. We also went down to a small beach too take a look between the rocks. There are a lot of fossils that can be found there. Along the coast there is also a fossil museum. Too bad we didn’t find one of course.

Even though it was just one day, it was definitely word it to go to the cliffs. After a long day of walking, we had a nice dinner in Køge, too also warm up, before we went back to Copenhagen. We also got a free glass of wine in the restaurant. Probably because we had a nice talk with the waiter about us being Dutch and how sad I am too leave Copenhagen. It was definitely a nice end.