Trip through Denmark

One of the many nice things of my study in Copenhagen is the fact that I had a week of after my exams. In that week I went on a trip through Denmark with some friends from my classes. Until then, I hadn’t seen much more than my city. Of course, there is still much more to see, but it was a start.

With my friends, we rented a car to drive through the country. I can say immediately, be careful where you park your car. We got a ticked right away, but I can still say that I didn’t see any sign that prohibited parking. The first stop on our trip was a Viking museum, but as poor students we didn’t went inside. The first city we went too was Aarhus. There is an amazing art museum there, and a very nice botanical garden. The museum was great, it has more than just paintings. It focuses on all of your senses, thus there were a lot of moving images and sounds. That made this museum very interesting. Through the site airbnb, we could stay the night at the house of a Dane. It was really nice, and In the middle of nowhere in a forest. The nice thing was the change in scenery from al the city’s. We arrived late and got treated with pizza and a beer.

Of course he could tell us some stuff to do around there. We went to a castle and to a viewpoint. That viewpoint was the second highest point in the surrounding area, it was at 95 meters. One person of the group comes from Switzerland. Of course, there were some jokes if the lands were also so flat in the Netherlands. To be honest, I actually though it was hilly in that area.

One very special thing was the northernmost point of Jutland (part of Denmark that is attached to Germany). At that point, there are two oceans that collide. It can be seen very clearly. That was very  nice, but also a bit cold around this time of year. Apart from that, we also went to a sand dune. This one goes from the west until the east of the land. Due to the wind, it ‘walks’ over the land. Eventually it will disappear into the sea. I think that was very extraordinary to see.

This trip was mostly through Jutland. So there is still a lot from Denmark that I need to see. I still plan to see more from Seeland (which is the part that also contains Copenhagen). In the south of this part, there are supposed to be very nice cliffs to see.