Worst two weeks of my exchange period

So these worst two weeks started at the 12th of January. And why would you ask, well my exams were coming up.

I had two exams. One was an oral exam and the other one written. First of all, I still don’t like oral exams so I was again incredibly nervous. Secondly, I didn’t have a written exam on this university before so that could be completely different than I am used too.

These two weeks I only spend in the library, every day from nine until five or six. I know some people can do that better, but for me this is already a lot. Luckily I had my courses together with another Dutch person from Wageningen. So we could study together, and that helped a lot. We prepared for the oral exam, and could exchange notes and practice together. I practically spend one and a half week on the course with the oral exam, and one and a half day on the course with the written exam. So that shows a bit how nervous I can get for an oral exam. Luckily, they were done very soon and I passed it. For the written exam I had a normal time of three ours to finish it. Normally I am one of the fast one, but here it really is three ours if they say it is. It is of course really nice if you come in for the exam and they start explaining things al in Danish. Luckily they also had a sheet in English that explained everything, they made it very easy.

Of course, I had an exam week before so what makes this the worst two weeks. First of all, I already had to say goodbye to friends who were leaving. It is really sad to see your friends go and know that the exchange period will be ending soon. Secondly, I worked together with a Dutch person from Wageningen. This had of course advantages, but also disadvantages. We ended up talking a lot about home and friends from home. This makes you a bit sad all the time, but also excited to go home. So there were a lot of mixed feelings, excitement and sadness, and above all a lot of nerves. But I survived and know I can enjoy my last week here in Copenhagen.