I have been in Istanbul for almost a month and classes have finally started. It might seem weird, but it's actually nice to be in some sort of daily rhythm again. After a lot of hassle I have been able to deal with the residence permit ánd I have consent for all of my courses. No more bureaucratic nonsense to be dealing with!

In some sort of weird mood swing I have given myself another challenge for the coming 7 weeks: The Istanbul Marathon! No, I'm not going to do the 42 something kilometres, but just a tiny 10 km. But still, I have never done something like that before! So training, training and more training coming up. The gym and the outdoor track are my best buddies.

As a real Dutchie I have also managed to get myself a bike! Thanks to the Environmental Club of Bogazici, I am able to switch campuses by bike now, which is the only way in which you are able to manage in only 10 minutes. I am loving it! I get honked at a lot and people probably think I am crazy, because you see no one biking here and there are no separate lanes or anything. But I don't really care.

At this moment it is still around 23 degrees here, although this weekend has been super bad in terms of weather. But now, with my bare feet in the grass, it feels like summer hasn't ended yet. With a short religious holiday ahead including a trip to Budapest, I feel I'm very lucky to be here!



PS. On the photo you can see a my lovely bike!