It’s all done! The entire semester has finished. All exams are over and it feels so good. The last couple of weeks were all about locking myself up in the library and really only getting out for lunch or dinner at the campus canteen. But it paid off! I expect to have passed on my courses and not have any resits, which means I have 1,5 weeks of holiday until I go home. Perfect opportunity to still do many things that I didn’t have time for before.

What I experienced in these last couple of weeks is that studying at a university like Boğaziçi has advantages and disadvantages. The campus offers everything you need to study, exercise, and eating possibilities. For all the other things you need there are supermarkets and various stores around the corner. Super convenient in some way, but restricting in another since you sort of get stuck into this area. It is funny to experience this because I never expected myself to react in this way. That’s why I’m really glad I still have some time to explore other parts of the city these days!

I already started on Saturday, right after my last exam which was in the very last slot of the exam period (great..), by going out to Cihangir and having the perfect evening by eating at a mezes restaurant with a really nice group of people. This is traditional Turkish meaning that they present you a tray full of tiny bowls with side dishes. You can then choose which ones you want and you share it with everyone on the table, just passing on the bowls. The mezes are served with toasted bread and a lot of raki, which tastes exactly the same as the Greek Ouzo to me. It was a great evening with some nice partying at Taksim later on.

In the coming days I am planning on going to the Asian side and visit some nice musea. Many of my friends have already left, so I am sort of by myself, but I don’t really mind. There’s enough to do anyway!



Photo: Istanbul in snow! To be specific: the way to South campus. Downhill. Which is niceee when you are just sliding down. It has snowed a lot lately, which made me feel so happy because it was so out of place it seems. (Not taken by me, but it really looked like this!)