Hi all!
With only 5,5 weeks left I am starting to feel the end of my exchange coming. Classes are finishing in 1,5 week, finals for me are starting during Christmas (yes.. they don’t celebrate Christmas here..), and I am already flying back on January 21st ! Crazy..

I am totally not ready to leave this place yet, although I do miss  my friends and family back home very much. I just feel there is so much more that I still want to discover here.

Since my last story, a lot has happened here. Among other things I am really proud to have run the 10 km of the Istanbul Marathon! What a great experience; so many people who are crossing thé most important bridge of the city, which normally is just open for cars. Really gives you a lot of energy! Next to that, my aunt and boyfriend have both visited me here which was super nice. It was great to have them here and just spend a couple of days being a tourist in your ‘own’ city. I also visited my friends who are on exchange in Helsinki! Awesome to be away from the busy metropolitan life for a while and take in the fresh air, ánd rain, of Finland.

I am about to finish my last two assignments and start planning for the finals. The coming weeks will be a loooooot of studying, but hopefully afterwards I will still have 1,5 weeks to finish off my bucket list and have a little goodbye holiday here in which I can finish my bucketlist. I will post again before I leave!



Picture: The view from Galata tower