Sun and Stars

3 things I wanted to do when I was here where seeing the sunset, sunrise and go to a dark place to watch the stars. Seeing the sunset was easy. Just stay at the beach till 17.30 and it is served right to you. Finding a dark place on a non-cloudy night without a too bright moon was already a bit harder, since there are actually quite a lot of lights in the city. But what took the most effort was seeing the sunrise.

Me and some other students planned to do it already a couple of times during the weekend. Not on Saturday, cause Friday is karaoke night so it will get kinda late most of the time, but on Sunday it was supposed to happen. The first Sunday, however, a storm was expected and the sky would be totally grey, not the ideal circumstances for a sunrise. And to be honest, I was kinda glad that I could sleep in for a change. But then the next Sunday it was finally time. Yvanka, a fellow student was leaving next week so it needed to happen that day! We made breakfast the previous evening to take with us and put the alarm at 4.30. At 10 to 5 we made our challenging way toward ‘the spot’.

This included cycling up a mountain with no extra gear, in pitch dark on a terrible road, quite an experience so to say. When we finally arrived at the spot it already started to lighten and to our dismay we saw that St. Kitts might be just in the way of our sunrise. We speculated a while about the color of the sky and at what spot the sun would rise but at 10 past 6 it was already quite light and we were sure the sun was already up behind the mountain of St. Kitts. But nothing was more wrong than that. Suddenly at half past 6 the sky started to get very read and there it was, first a little glans but then growing bigger very quickly. Short to say, it was awesome and totally worth it getting up for so early. Yvanka put it quite accurate: “wow, this is soo awesome, I want to do this everyday!” We did not exactly do that but it was a very beautiful and sublime experience and I will remember it for a long time!