Hotspots of Uppsala

Time flies when you are having fun! It’s almost two weeks ago since I have left the Netherlands and arrived at Uppsala. It’s nice to see how quick you get to know the city and figure out the quickest way to the centre or the University.

On my way to the University I pass so many beautiful buildings, but last weekend, instead of passing them by, we visited some of the hotspots of Uppsala. Because it was such a lovely day and the sun was shining, we went to the botanic garden. The botanic garden was founded in 1655 and is property to Uppsala University. The garden is thereby the oldest botanic garden in Sweden. At the garden there were a lot of tropical plants like palm trees, and there was also a tropical greenhouse with some rainforest. The garden also gave a lovely view of the castle.

After spending some time in the garden we went to the Cathedral, which is a very impressive building in the middle of the centre. This Cathedral is the biggest of Sweden and was built in 1270.

After seeing all the cultural buildings we went to the river and sat along the waterside enjoying the Cathedral from another point of view and of course enjoying the sun!