From 9th till 14th of December I went on the most amazing trip of my life; Lapland!!! Before I went to Sweden I said that I would be amazing if I could do a dog sledding tour and see the Northern lights, so when there was an opportunity to go to Lapland, I took it immediately.

My journey started in Uppsala in the afternoon and got picked up by a touring bus. Because we would go to the northern parts of Sweden, the travelling took about 17 hours to get there. I did not expect that it would take so long, but it was definitely worth it!! We arrived at Kiruna in the morning and this morning we went for dog sledding and snow scooter driving. This was something I wanted to do for such a long time, I was so excited when the moment was finally there. When we arrived for the dog sledding and snow scooter driving, you heard the dogs howling and barking, because they were also really excited that they could out for a run. After getting some really warm clothes, it was time to start with the snow scooters, and after that we would switch to the dog sledges. The snow scooter driving was a great experience. The landscape where we drove through was wonderful. It totally looked like we were driving through a winter wonderland. After this we switched to the dog sledge, which was so amazing and so much fun to do and the dogs really loved it! This was already so amazing, and it was only the start of my journey!

I will write a view stories about Lapland, because it is too many to write it in one story. And it is also a possibility to show more pictures of my journey to you!