AAASPD conference San Francisco

Last days I attented the AAASPD yearly conference at San Francisco. My abstract was accepted a couple of weeks ago and after a lot of work, my poster was finally ready to go. Maybe it is not a nice piece of art, but for a first poster my main goal was to get the story clear. Especially because the conference included people of all kind of specialisations, I needed to include a background story and a more detailed part about fluid mechanics to frame my story for people that are not familiar with the processes and physics laws.

For who does not know AAAS, they are the publishers of the famous 'Science' magazine. The 'PD' at the end, stands for 'Pacific Division', what made this a local, and smaller conference. Luckily.

The conference itself was nice. I met a lot of people, but in the end we mostly socialised with fluid mechanic people. I think that it will work that way always. We understand each other better.

This conference gave me the opportunity to socialize with other researchers and trained my for my next (poster) presentations. Moreover, we had the change to listen to other (poster) presentations what made me curious for some other fields of science.

I really liked the fact that the internship in Fresno gave me this opportunity!