Filming tiny bladders

Long time ago since I updated you. Well, things are going well. I just work hard to get my data done in time and I write my thesis in the weekends. So, less time for trips and sightseeing. However, coming weekend there is a large conference in San Fransisco organized by AAAS (that publishes Science Magazine) and I got in with a poster presentation! All the hard work will pay off finally.

The photo shows me behind our set-up. We filmed crazy stuff. We filmed tiny bladders (with a size of 1mm) at 54587 frames per second. We found that these bladders perform suction feeding with speeds up to 5.4 m/s and accelerations of 50000 m/s2. That means almost 5000 g!! This data is completely new in this area of research and will be important for the next paper that this lab hopes to publish.

I know I stay in Fresno but don't underestimate the weather! Outside it is 42 degrees Celsius, but inside I need 2 fleeces and my big ass hoodie to keep warm due to the AC.

Next update will be about my first big conference!