Moving time!

It's again a long time ago that I updated you. I am so sorry! But I moved a month ago to the house on the picture (the house below) and since then I am only working on my report to finish it in time.

In the beginning I lived in the typical American student homes. I had a room with my own bathroom (with bath tub!). I shared the kitchen and living room with 3 other girls. Besides that, the facilities were nice! We had a swimming pool, a gym, a tanning studio (why do people need that here, the sun is always shining!), study rooms, computer rooms, library, cinema and a game room. Unfortunately, I had not the best room mates that you can think of. They came home very late, were loud and they NEVER cleaned up the kitchen after use. Because I am not used to student living, this was too much for me. Sometimes we did have fun together, but they did not take their career so serious so there was no interest in each other. 

After some trouble with the contract, I decided to leave. First I lived at another prof's house, just because that was close to university. But as soon I was done with my experiments I moved to my professors house (she had to go to Europe, and Wageningen, for a writing course she teaches). The surrounding is so nice! I enjoy it every day by sitting on the deck and looking over all the hills.

My report is almost done. However, today is my first day of holidays and that is what I am going to do first: checking out the environment! I start travelling on monday and will not come back for three weeks. I will update you as quick as possible!!