The adventurous travels - part I

As soon as my holidays started and my boyfriend had arrived, we took of to go to one of the most famous national parks in California. Yosemite. I obtained a permit for a multiple day hike (trailheads: Big Oak Flat Road - Yosemite Falls), so we had to put our backpacks on and hit the trails.

Unfortunately, I completely underestimated this hike. It was considered as 'difficult' and I thought that it would be mellow anyway. It wasn't. Besides I spent all my last 4 months time sitting on my bud, my way to heavy, wrongly-packed backpack, and the heavy bear canister we had to carry our food in, we also had to carry ALL our water with us. For ALL days. Due to the Californian drought. Well I can tell you, after these days I am completely aware what the drought can mean! It is heavy.

The first part of the trail was only up, up, up, up. The nice thing was that our camp was on top of the famous El Capitan rock and we had the most beautiful view on Yosemite Village. I enjoyed it only short. After 10 miles of steneous climbing, my body only wanted to lay down with closed eyes. And I wanted it even more, I knew the next days would not become easier. 

After steep climbs, most of the time, the steep downhilling come in. In this case, the downhilling was more steep than the parts that were going up, for a longer distance (we didn't do a roundtrip) and with bigger steps. Can you imaging. Your knees won't like it. Mine didn't.

But after this first horrible hike, that was in the end super cool and I did enjoy the scenery and nature, we walked immediately from the trail into a little shop to buy cold beer! It never tasted soooooo good! My legs didn't, but who cares. Seen it, done that and more to come!