Hola a Todas!
I’m here in Peru for only one week, but I have the feeling that I’ve been here for a very long time. At this moment I realized that all possible celebrations that exist, I’ll be celebrating on very exotic places this year. I set myself the goal to experience these celebrations, as much as possible, in the traditional way the country is celebrating it. As well my own birthday party.

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday in Peru in a South American way. Together with my friends we have arranged a piñata. Most people will think of a colorful animal which are used in Mexico, but it appears that the piñata can be found throughout South America in several shapes. I received a gigantic “cerveza” filled with candy, which I lugged through Lima the entire day.

Somewhere in a park near the ocean we tied the piñata in a tree and I went first hand to him, being twisted, armed with a bottle of water and my eyes blindfolded. After a few blows the candy fell from the sky and I was as happy as a four year old niña. All the people who passed us had just as much fun as we had, apparently it was a strange sight to see a white girl attacking a giant bottle of cerveza armed with a bottle of water.

After a Salsa-Dance-Session with old Peruvian men in the park we walked through Miraflores, a district of Lima, looking for a restaurant. Armed with my cerveza bottle full of candy, we drew a lot of attention from the "locals". What started with innocent children begging for some candy, soon resulted in groups of adults who were begging as well for the "dulces".

We finished the day with free rounds of Pisco Sour (green liquor) in the restaurant with my giant cerveza and the incessant flood of candy.