Hi there,

I am Jolien Vink and I am 20 years old. This year I’m already a third-year student of Wageningen University. During the first semester of this academic year I’m going to attend six external courses in the optional part of my bachelor programme Food Technology (BLT). This means that, starting from September 5th, I will move to Dublin and study at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) for approximately five months. The university is, among others, focused on Food Science. But the multidisciplinarity of the school gives me the possibility to relate food science to marketing and consumers behaviour, thereby fitting perfectly in my curriculum. However, as it is still not completely clear what courses I can attend, more specific information will follow soon.

For me studying abroad isn’t only about the courses to attend. Because of the high level of food education at Wageningen University, there is no actual need of following courses on other universities. Besides, a lot of effort and time is required to manage your stay abroad.  Therefore one might ask themselves the question, “Why studying abroad?”. Though, experiences of others have convinced me that studying in another country would offer me many more things than I can now imagine. It would be a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge of other cultures, to gain different perspectives and to make new friendships for life. All of this together made that I did not have to think long about whether or not to apply for a study programme abroad.

Five months without ‘hagelslag’, ‘kaas’ en ‘drop’ might be a challenge, but I’m sure Dublin has more than enough to offer. I’m very excited to start my journey to “the home of Guinness”, Molly Malone, The Blarney Stone, Cliffs of Moore, pubs, potato famine, U2, whisky, friendly people with red hair and freckles and last but not least the liquid that makes the land green and ruins your hair on a daily basis, rain.. It would for sure be an experience that I would never forget!

As one of the #WURldexplorers I will keep you updated by posting pictures on Instagram and sharing my most exciting experiences on