Goodbye Lund

Hej då Lund, Hoi Wageningen!

Two weeks ago I said my last goodbyes to Lund, my Swedish room and all my new friends. When I just arrived in Lund I thought that 4 months of Erasmus would mean that I would have all the time of the world. The contrary seems true, the last 4 months past by so fast. But what an amazing new experiences I have; fika, nollning, swimming in the sjönsjön, Copenhagen, the nations and of course Lapland!

To keep remembering Sweden in the Netherlands I brought the beautiful yellow blue Swedish flag in my 8 square meter room in Wageningen. When I look to this flag I keep remembering the good times I had! Next to that I will need to take my friends to enjoy fika in the café’s over here. I will just ask for a continuously stream of coffee refills just as in Sweden.

It is a weird feeling that my lectures in Wageningen will start again tomorrow. On the other hand it feels great to know that I don’t need to cycle uphill for 20 minutes every morning anymore.

It’s really double to be back in the Netherlands. On one hand it is amazing to see everyone again, but on the other hand I already miss my Swedish life. Hopefully I’m able to return to Lund one day soon and enjoy the wonderful city all over again! And of course I have the good excuse that I need to keep up with my Swedish language.

Lund you where amazing!