Hej Hej!

My name is Judith Bijlsma and I am a third year bachelor student Food Technology. Since last weekend I will spent half a year in Lund! Lund is a cute town in the south of Sweden. The bridge to Copenhagen is very nearby.

When I heard about the opportunity to go abroad for my minor, I just thought, ''Let’s do it!''. After lots and lots of paperwork and autographs I am finally here in Sweden now!

The minor I am going to do in Sweden is ''Interaction between Food, Medicine and the Human Body.'' It mainly focuses on Probiotics, Medicinal Processes and Chemistry and the Human Nutrition. I am really looking forward to learn more about this subjects. Beside this courses I will also follow a Swedish language course. Just had the first couple of lessons from this, and I can already count from 1 till 10!

There are a lot of things to do in Lund beside studying and I am really looking forward to see everything and meet all kinds of international students who live here. I've got a nice room on 3 kilometres from the city, it is a big student complex with 80 rooms en everyone living there is international. I hope my time here in Lund is going to be amazing and I will tell you all about the things happening here!

I will be posting new posts on Instagram when I did something worth telling! We will keep in touch!