In Sweden is ‘’fika’’ an important thing! Fika is a verb and a noun in the Swedish language. Fika contains going to one of all the amazing cosy coffee bars from Sweden. There you will join a delicious coffee with a piece of pie or chocolate.

Since I am a huge fan of cooking I created a kind of special fika pie myself, namely kannelbullar (Cinnamon rolls). The making of the dough took a little time and kneading. But in the end you will have the delicious and beautiful and product!

Because I think that everyone should have tried this Swedish phenomena "fika" once in a lifetime I have put the recipe below.


50 g yeast

125 g melted butter

5 dl hot milk

1,5 dl sugar

A pinch of seasalt

14-15 dl normal flour


75 g soft butter

0,75 dl sugar

2 tablespoons cinnamon

1. Put the yeast and melted butter in the hot milk and stir it. Stir the sugar, salt and flour afterwards through this mixture. Make a smooth mixture and let it rise for 20 mixtures. Mix all the filling ingredients together.

2. Cut the dough in two pieces. Roll it with a rolling pin, spread the filling over the flat dough and roll it. Cut 20 pieces out of each roll and let them rice again for 30 minutes.  Spread some egg yellow over it for the brown colour, sprinkle some sugar over it. Than bake it in the oven on 250°C for 5-7 minutes.

Take a warm cinnamon roll, a cup of cafe or thee and enjoy your meal!