It finally started on the 21st of November 5 am in the morning, the adventure to which I had been looking forward since my arrival in Lund. Adventure Lapland!
Since we arrived really early in Helsinki on Friday morning, we had the whole day to discover the city. When our airplane landed the snow started to fall out of the sky. The first snow of the year is of course always something special and sooner snow balls flew in the sky! Because we didn’t had that much time in Helsinki, we decided to visit mainly the hotspots in the city centre.

At 10 pm our bus was finally leaving for the 1000 kilometres drive from Helsinki to Saariselka in the upper north of Finland. On our way to Saariselka the bus made some stops at the Ranua Zoo and Santa Claus village. Among others, we admired the polar bear and some mooses in the zoo.

Finally arriving in Lapland we saw our beautiful wooden cottage in the idyllic white landscape. Everything was white, even the needles in the trees where big white plaques. It was a real pitty that the sky wanted to be white (grey) for the whole week as well. Byebye dream of spotting the northern lights. It is hard to describe Lapand on a piece of paper, it is so much more. See it as a completely white paper (since everything is white) with a couple of husky’s, sledges, reindeers and happy faces everywhere. And even then you can only really get the feeling by going there yourself!

Lucky us the northern lights aren’t the only amazing thing of Lapland! Here are a few of the wonderful activities I have done in Lapland:

- Artic Ocean tour, leaving at 6.30 am for a bus trip to one of the most northern points in Norway, the cute little town Burgoynes. On our way to Burgoynes we saw the stunningly fjords and other beautiful landscapes. Finally in Burgoynes we took a nice dive in the Artic ocean, brrr! Luckily there was a sauna to heat us!

- Take a look into the live of the Lapic Saami folk. A folk with their own language. And their main income is of reindeers. We had a nice drive in the reindeer sledge here.

- A snowshoe walk. First I thought that the snowshoes would look like the tennis rackets I had often seen in cartoons. But I found out that even snowshoes went along with the modern technology. Anyway, they made it a lot easier to make a long walk in the deep snow.

- One of the highlights was the husky sledging for sure! What an amazing feeling to drive a husky sledge in such an enchantingly landscape!

All with all it was one of the best weeks of my life. I recommend everyone to go to Lapland once in your life. Lucky me, I still have Rudolph the reindeer to make me look back to the amazing times!

Kiitos Lappi, nähdään pian!