Sadly the University really started again yesterday.. This means lectures at 8 am! The system in Lund is different than the Dutch University system. My first course Drug Formulation for example contains only 20 people and has an oral exam.

To getting to know new people go’s pretty fast. Last week the introduction days from the University started and they will continue for one month.

Every different part from the faculty of engineering has his own guild. I am part of the K-guild. This is the Chemistry or Biotechnology guild. Furthermore there are mathematic, physic, computer technical and a lot of other guilds. With the guild you will experience Nollningen. This means that you will join a lot of fun activities and party’s with each other. In our guild we have an international group with 20 people which makes Nollningen a lot of fun! Every guild will walk around in his own colour overall; especially on Overall Tuesday. Last week we participated with our guild in different Swedish games, the singing of Swedish songs, had a typical Swedish dinner (Sittning) and we went to an awesome outside disco. This week there will be a lot of fun activities as well. For example to fly from Helsingborg to Denmark with a self made airplane. And to see the beauty from the City of Helsingborg. Attached you can find a photograph from our international group in the K-guild.

Last week I also had a Swedish exam en this afternoon my Swedish lesson for exchange student will start. Hopefully I can speak fluently Swedish when I come back! :)

Hej då