The city Lund

It took me a little bit time to write a new piece again, mainly because of all the fun stuff here and of course all the hard studying. Today I would like to tell you a little bit more about the city Lund, Lund is not a well-known city by a lot of people and this is a real pity!

Lund is a city in Skåne, the most southern province of Sweden. It is only a 10 minute train ride till Malmö (the third largest city in Sweden) and a half hour train ride to the Copenhagen. Lund is known for the loads of rainy days (average of 250 days a year).  So it is important to have a good waterproof jacket when you go to Lund! Which of course I didn’t have!

Lund is also well known because of its amazing cycling infrastructure. Which is similar to the amount of bicycles in an average Dutch City.  But kind of amazing for a Swedish town. Often the city of Lund reminds me of Wageningen, since it is also a City which is mainly known because of its good education and research at the University. Furthermore it is also a real ‘green’ sustainable city. As said before loads of people take the bike and otherwise they will use the public transport. They promote the drinking of tap water strongly and the radiators stayed turned off until now. (Hopefully they will turn them on soon since its getting kind of cold everywhere!).

Main touristic spots in the centre of Lund are the Lund Cathedral (Domkyrka) with an astronomical clock from 1424 which they still play every Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore the University building and libraries are also important touristic spots. If you are searching for a cozy Swedish town with loads of students, coffee places, beautiful buildings, good education and culture Lund is the place for you!