Time flies when you're having fun

Time flies when you are having fun! Only 6 more weeks left in this beautiful city...The last couple of weeks (months actually) went by so fast. One moment I was organizing the introduction event of my student association, the next moment I was in Lund and now it is almost over again.

The last weeks contained a lot of studying and the making of my exams but also amazing times with my friends. Many friends from the Netherlands came over to visit me in the weekends and we had a great time in Lund, Malmö and even Copenhagen! Copenhagen is a great City although the ‘’Little mermaid’’ was a little smaller than expected. However it was worth the look of all the tourists. We also went to Christiania, which is a commune in Copenhagen with its own rules. It is known as the ‘’freetown’’ since people are able to buy cannabis in the green light district, which is forbidden in the rest of Denmark and Scandinavia. Next to that Christiania is also a nice place to walk around because of all the nice artistic graffiti’s.

When I arrived in Lund the sun was shining and we could go to the beach or just chill in the grass in front of our building. Now almost all the leaves have left the trees and we have to dress up in warm winter clothes. I hope that I will see some snow here in Lund and be able to do some nice snowball fights with all the internationals I have met here.

One thing I know for sure and that is that I will feel the real cold and see some snowflakes in two weeks. My adventure to Saariselkä in the Finish Lapland will start then, together with many internationals from Erasmus Student Network Lund! Just found out that we will only have 3 hours of light a day but despite that I am looking forward to it so much!!!