A new adventure on the other side of the world

To finish my Master degree in Urban Environmental Management I am travelling to the other side of the world. I will start my internship in New Zealand the 1st of October. A 36 hours travel will bring me to Dubai, Singapore, Melbourne and then to my final destination: Wellington. I am looking forward to meet the Kiwi’s, experience the famous wind of Wellington and of course to start working at the city council. I will work on a city level on sustainability planning in the capital of New Zealand. I am curious about their points of view on sustainable city planning and to what extent it fits with what I learned during my degree. As a Dutchie I am of course mainly curious to what extent the bicycle is incorporated in their policies ;).

I chose to go to New Zealand, because after two years of speaking international English, here at Wageningen UR, to be surrounded by native speakers doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Also, Wageningen gives you all the opportunities to do a part of your Master degree abroad, so why not choose a beautiful country such as New Zealand. Because of the time difference (ten hours!) I am curious what my communication with my supervisor from the ENP group will look like. I guess it will all be fine and I can’t wait to start my new adventure.