Christmas in the summer

Christmas time might be hard when you are abroad. You feel like visiting your family and friends for dinners and feel like curling up in front of the fireplace. However... This year was quite different. First of all, it didn't feel like Christmas one single bit. It was warm, the birds were chirping, the trees were in full bloom and the days were very long.

Since I didn't had the chance to see much of New Zealand yet, I decided to travel around the country for Christmas and New Year. I went on a three-day canoeing tour on the Whanganui river. Three days without being able to communicate with the world and living the simple life: canoeing, eating, swimming and sleeping. You basically start canoeing where the road stops and after three days you find the first signs of civilisation again. It was an amazing experience. The differences in the landscapes, the waterfalls and the plants are dazzling. I have never seen such a beautiful landscape and I will never forget the moments I floated in my canoe between magical walls of rainforest. Quite a different experience than sjoelen at home or walking along the beach in frosty weather. 

I have never been much of an outdoorsy person, but New Zealand is starting to change that. There are so many beautiful things to explore and discover here, that I don’t mind walking or canoeing for a few hours to get to a viewpoint. I think the ferns and Tuis are enchanting me and are encouraging me to see more and more of this pretty country.